2019 Toyota Tundra Review and Comparison at Larry H. Miller Toyota Lemon Grove in Lemon Grove, CA

The 2019 Toyota Tundra is a Durable, Utilitarian Truck with Options for Refinement and Comfort

The new 2019 Tundra manages to stand out among a hotly contested segment. Full-size pickups are among the most popular vehicles in America, and Toyota plays right into expectations for the segment in its new Tundra. Rugged construction, V8 power, and pragmatic features give the Tundra legitimate truck credibility. However, it's also ready to please drivers of more Patrician tastes with its long list of optional creature comforts.

Sturdy Powertrain Options that Are Ready to Work

The new Toyota Tundra has a major advantage over many of competitors in the full-size pickup segment: it comes standard with an eight-cylinder engine. Where most competitors offer a standard V6 engine, even the most basic Tundra trucks come with a 4.6-liter i-FORCE V8 with 310 horsepower and 327 pound-feet of torque. The 4.6-liter V8 allows the Tundra to tow a respectable 6,800 pounds.

There's even more power available with the 5.7-liter i-FORCE V8. This robust powertrain cranks out 381 horsepower and 401 pound-feet of torque. With certain configurations, this engine lets the Tundra reach its maximum towing capacity of 10,100 pounds. You'll be ready to head into your trailering tasks with confidence that your truck is up for the challenge. The 5.7-liter V8 can also be equipped as a Flex Fuel Vehicle (FFV) to handle E85 fuel.

Comfortable on Road, Capable Off

The very design of the new Tundra equips it for a wide range of driving endeavors. First and foremost, it's a legitimate body-on-frame truck. The Tundra's steel ladder frame design offers exceptional stability and strength during strenuous driving circumstances. A solid rear axle setup is ideal for both towing and off-roading activities.

Drivers can also appreciate the Tundra's standard automatic limited-slip differential. The system can automatically apply braking pressure to a wheel that's lost traction, sending that power to another wheel to maximize grip. That means extra confidence while traversing mud, snow, ice, and more.

You can outfit your Tundra to be an off-road specialist. While four-wheel drive is available at every trim level, that alone isn't always enough to get you through the toughest all-terrain challenges. If you're craving serious off-road chops, check out the Tundra TRD Pro. This model comes upfitted with a range of features aimed at improving off-road capability. Features include a FOX suspension setup, aluminum skid plate, Rigid Industries fog lights, all-terrain tires, and more. Other trims are available with TRD features like Bilstein shocks, Sport-tuned anti-sway bars, and more.

Striking Exterior

The Tundra doesn't take any dramatic styling risks. Instead, it uses traditional Toyota truck styling cues to create a handsome overall appearance. A large chrome grille proudly displays the Toyota emblem up front. A range of color options offer everything from bright and exciting and subtle and tasteful. Muscular fenders give the Tundra a strong stance. Opt for the TRD Pro trim and you'll get extra appearance features like a TRD hood and badging.

Well-Equipped Interior

Toyota designed the Tundra's cabin with an eye toward utility and refinement alike. While base models come with simple, durable vinyl upholstery, higher trim levels like the Limited and Platinum are available with supple leather seat wrappings. Available dual-zone automatic climate control helps maintain the ideal comfort temperature for both front passengers. Every new Tundra comes with a large center console that makes it easy to stow important items. It's even big enough to hold your laptop or note pad while you work. If your cargo load is too bulky to fit in just the bed, you can fold up the rear seats to open up a flat loading space.

Understanding Trim Levels

Not every driver has the same need from their truck. While some prioritize simple utility, others are looking for luxury amenities for cross-country cruising. To accommodate these varying preferences, Toyota offers the new Tundra in a wide range of packages, configurations, and trim levels. The Tundra comes in both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. Plus, you can choose between a Double Cab or CrewMax Cab configuration. You'll even be able to pick a bed size that reflects your cargo needs. Toyota offers the Tundra with 5.5-foot, 6.5-fooot and 8.1-foot bed length options. However, not every trim level offers every configuration. The SR and SR5 trims are available with any combination of cab style and bed length, but higher trim levels usually only offer a couple of configurations to choose from. Available trim levels include:

  • SR
  • SR5
  • Limited
  • Platinum
  • 1794 Edition
  • TRD Pro

2019 Toyota Tundra: A Well-Balanced Full-Size Truck

At the end of the day, there's only one thing to really say about the 2019 Tundra: it's just a good truck. Get behind the wheel of a new Tundra and you'll see that the truck keeps in line with Toyota's penchant for pragmatic, no-nonsense engineering. For truck enthusiasts, that's good news. It's refreshing to drive a vehicle that nails the basics of utility and durability so competently in an age of increasingly complex vehicles. It may not sit on the cutting edge of automotive design, but the Tundra's commitment to sturdy, pragmatic engineering pays off in its honest capability.

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