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Fuel System Service in Lemon Grove at Larry H. Miller Toyota Lemon Grove

The fuel system of your Toyota should undergo replacement once every 30,000 miles, around when the fuel filter requires replacement. If you drive a non-electric Toyota vehicle, then the fuel delivery system of your car includes an intricate series of parts, which should undergo inspection and, in many cases, cleaning before driving off again. Scheduling a routine fuel system service constitutes a crucial part of maintaining optimal fuel economy and preserving the long life of your vehicle. Let us tell you a bit about fuel system services and what they typically involve; schedule an appointment today here at Larry H. Miller Toyota Lemon Grove.

What Typically Happens in a Fuel System Service?

First and foremost, our Toyota-certified technicians inspect the fuel system including injectors, spark plugs, delivery lines, and the tank itself for signs of corrosion or worn-out parts. The fuel pump and other parts of the delivery system typically undergo a cleaning with special chemicals to clear away and deposits which may stick around over time.

When Should a Fuel System Service be Scheduled?

In most cases, we generally recommend service around 30,000 miles, when the fuel filter requires replacement. However, if you tend to commute more frequently, or drive in more extreme temperatures, then you might need to schedule one much sooner.

What Are Some Signs the Fuel System Needs Maintenance?

An un-maintained fuel delivery system, with worn-out parts, shows some crucial signs you should keep an eye on as these can cause long-term engine failure:

  • Decreased fuel economy, short and long-term
  • Increased carbon emissions/black, sooty tailpipe exhaust
  • Lower energy/horsepower when towing or climbing uphill
  • Smell of gasoline throughout car when engine activated
  • Sluggish startup/general stalling/gas pedal spongy to touch

Schedule a Fuel System Service Today

Auto critics and customers alike recognize Toyota models for their outstanding fuel economy, but no vehicle can self-regulate to preserve this reputation. Routine fuel system service is essential to preserving the fuel economy of your Toyota and decreasing emissions in the long-term. Schedule a fuel system service today here at Larry H. Miller Toyota Lemon Grove and come see us today!


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